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Sweeper-S 900 in administrative institution

Standort: Verwaltungsinstitution (Budapest, Ungarn).

Solutions: Sweeper-S (passage width 900 mm)

Speed gates for administrative structures (offices, company branches, business centers, etc.)

Requests for the installation of speed gates in administrative structures are one of the most common that our managers receive. Due to the development of many industries and businesses, there is a need to expand the workplace. Along with the increase in newly built office centers, the demand for security systems and access control to such premises is increasing.

Zugangskontrolle und -verwaltung

Sweeper-S 900 in administrative institution

Six lines of the Sweeper-S speed gate were installed in the administrative building in Budapest.

One of the access groups combines two Sweeper-S turnstiles with a passage width of 900 mm. This combination allows you to organize comfortable access for people in wheelchairs, for baby carriages and others.

Zugang über die speed gates is possible by means of the card readers integrated in the housing. In this way, you can track the authorization of those who have the right to access the building and those who don’t. In addition, you can fix the time when the person came in and out of the institution.

Eine solche Methode zur Mitarbeiterkontrolle ist eine der am weitesten verbreiteten und bei den Kunden beliebtesten. Wir können jedoch Projekte beliebiger Komplexität durchführen und auf Anfrage beliebige Zutrittskontrollsysteme integrieren: RFID-/Proximity-/BioMetric-Leser, Münzprüfer, Druckknopf, Barcode- und QR-Code-Leser).




Hat die Gunst sowohl der Designer als auch des Kunden gewonnen

Sweeper-S is the unique model of speed gate series with an ultra-slim housing (only 110 mm wide). Such design has many advantages, in addition to stylish and modern look. Read more benefits of the Sweeper-S speed gate der Ausführlicher Artikel hier.

Talking about current installation case in the administrative building in Budapest, we should admit that the Sweeper-S with its glass body and futuristic lighting is ideal for modern minimalist interiors.

Sweeper-S 900 in administrative institution
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